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If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime in Travis County, Georgetown, Williamson County, or anywhere in Central Texas, it is crucial that you contact Phillips & Ranney immediately. Williamson County, where our office is located, hands out the toughest sentences in Texas, and you’ll need a criminal defense team that is equally tough. Our firm has a deserved reputation, based upon a quarter century of thorough and relentless advocacy, of delivering outstanding and often spectacular results in a region where prosecutors, judges, and juries are among the most severe in the nation. We invite you to call immediately for a free consultation to discuss your case and map out a successful strategy for winning it.

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Defense that Never Rests: Relentless Pursuit of Victory in Every Case

Our criminal defense attorneys have a 30-year record of acquittals, dismissals and reduced charges in Georgetown courts and all over Williamson County.

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Why Choose Williamson County’s Phillips & Ranney?

  • Our firm has a long and successful pattern of favorable outcomes in difficult cases in Williamson County, the toughest county in Texas on crime, and we have documentation to prove it
  • We thoroughly and aggressively investigate cases, from the moment we are hired, to build the best possible defense
  • We fearlessly try cases that need to be tried, but seek first to obtain a dismissal/favorable settlement, if a trial can be avoided
  • If a trial is necessary, we have a documentably high acquittal rate
  • Our attorneys have cordial and long-term professional relationships, based on genuine and mutual respect, with local prosecutors and judges, crucial for both obtaining fair trials and favorable settlements
  • We represent the criminally accused anywhere in Texas, and in federal court, although our caseload predominantly involves clients accused in Williamson, Travis, Hays and Bell Counties.

Phillips & Ranney, Criminal Lawyers in Williamson County & Central Texas

Speak with Robert M. Phillips, a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist (certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Criminal Law) or another attorney in our office today. Phillips & Ranney serves as Georgetown’s experienced criminal defense attorneys. Whatever you do, make no statement to law enforcement or anyone else, until you have a confidential conversation with one of our lawyers.