19 year-old defendant spared a prison sentence for aggravated sexual assault

Robert M. Phillips & Associates announced today that they had secured a “very favorable” plea bargain
of deferred adjudication to a lesser crime of Indecent Exposure for their 19-year old client, whose name
they did not include in the announcement (“for obvious privacy reasons,” said Mr. Phillips).

The defendant was charged with forcible rape of a 13 year-old, but after months of negotiating with the
Travis County prosecutor, Phillips and his firm were able to obtain what Phillips called an “outstanding
outcome” which not only spares the defendant from a felony conviction, but reduces his potential
penitentiary exposure to only 10 years (instead of 99 or Life), even if he should violate his probation.
“The best part,” said Phillips, “is that we not only were able to get the case reduced to a third degree
felony, with no felony conviction as part of his deferred adjudication probation, but he will also only
have to register as a sex offender for the period of probation, plus 10 years, instead of lifetime
registration, were he to have been put on probation or convicted of the charged offense of Aggravated
Sexual Assault.”

Phillips declined to elaborate on the facts of the case, other than to say, “the young woman alleged that
our client had forcibly made her perform sexual acts, against her will; we were able to bring evidence to
the District Attorney’s office that seriously undermined the credibility of the young woman, and also
presented good character evidence of the accused, leading to the favorable outcome.”

Phillips has been Board Certified in criminal law since 1989, and was the first Williamson County criminal
defense lawyer ever to achieve that status. His firm has tried more than 200 jury trials and disposed of
thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases. Bob Phillips has been the lead attorney on some of the
most prominent felony cases in his 30 year career in Central Texas including murder, as well as high
profile federal and state drug cases, and sexual assault.

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