Attorney Robert M. Phillips on Dr. Phil regarding Rodney Reed case.

Why Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed Says He Feels He Was An ‘An Easy Target’ For Murder Investigation on Dr. Phil.

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Recent developments in the case can be found here:1.



Bob Phillips, managing partner in the Robert M. Phillips & Associates law firm of Georgetown, Texas, announced today that the Williamson County Grand Jury had declined to indict his “young, high school athlete client,” in Phillips’ words, “for a false charge of Sexual Assault.”

“We are very grateful that this long ordeal has come to an end for this young man,” whose name Phillips declined to…


Robert M. Phillips & Associates, a Georgetown criminal defense law firm, announced today that Phillips had secured dismissals on eight felony drug charges, all arising from the same criminal episode in Lampasas County.

“Without going into the details of the case, which would not be appropriate, given the client confidentiality concerns that we must protect, we are pleased to have essentially…

19 year-old defendant spared a prison sentence for aggravated sexual assault

Robert M. Phillips & Associates announced today that they had secured a “very favorable” plea bargain
of deferred adjudication to a lesser crime of Indecent Exposure for their 19-year old client, whose name
they did not include in the announcement (“for obvious privacy reasons,” said Mr. Phillips).

The defendant was charged with forcible rape of a 13 year-old, but after months of negotiating…

U.S. Army dismisses child molesting case against fort hood soldier.

Robert M. Phillips announced today that the U.S. Army had dismissed a child molesting charge against his client, a soldier at Fort Hood.

“For obvious reasons, we are declining to name the soldier, but we are quite pleased that this serious charge, which could have led to court-martial and a term of years in a military prison, has been dismissed. It took some aggressive investigating and…

Robert M. Phillips secures dismissal of aggravated kidnapping charge

Robert M. Phillips, managing partner of Robert M. Phillips & Associates, announced today that his firm had secured a dismissal in a serious Aggravated Kidnapping case, here in Williamson County.

“This was a very difficult case to investigate and litigate, but we were prepared to try it to a jury, given some of the technical legal and serious factual problems that we saw in the case.

Teenager Cleared of Sexual Assault charge: Complainant Under Investigation for “False Report.”

A 17 year-old Jarrell man has been cleared of Sexual Assault charges, according to a statement released
by his lawyers, Robert M. Phillips and Associates.

“We were notified today by the detective that our client is no longer under investigation and that, in
fact, the police plan to investigate the complainant for a false report. We could not be more pleased at
the vindication of our client,…

Robert M. Phillips Persuades Court To Sentence Continuous Sexual Assault Defendant To Less Than Half The Statutory Minimum

Another recent success for Robert M. Phillips! After a two-day hearing, Phillips secured a sentence of 10 years in prison for his client, on two concurrent counts of Indecency with a Child. He persuaded a judge to give less than half the 25-year statutory minimum on the indicted offense of Continuous Sexual Assault. Continuous Sexual Assault is a “special grade” felony in the Texas Pena…

Online Solicitation Of Minor Reduced To Misdemeanor

Robert M. Phillips’ most recent success story comes after successfully negotiating a plea agreement for an illegal alien to plead guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor Promotion of Obscenity, in lieu of the indicted allegation of 2nd degree felony Online Solicitation of a Minor.
“We very much appreciate the magnanimous and reasoned approach the District Attorney’s office took in this case,”…

Robert M Phillips Represents Fred Yazdi in Murder Trial

Robert M Phillips recently represented Avery Ranch homeowner, Fred Yazdi, who was charged with shooting and killing Enrique Recio outside of his home in February 2012. Mr. Yazdi shot Recio in self-defense to protect his family. The trial quickly attracted local and national media attention because of similarities to the George Zimmerman murder trial in Florida. In the state of Texas, a homeowner…

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