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Phillips & Ranney: Over 35 Years Combined Experience in Texas Criminal Defense

Phillips & Ranney has defended accused citizens for three decades in perhaps the toughest county in Texas.  Williamson County has been justifiably rated, in various surveys, as the most severe in terms of average length of sentences in criminal cases in the entire state of Texas.  It is with great pride that Phillips & Ranney can present statistical evidence to any potential client of the very low percentage of our clientele that actually receive jail or penitentiary sentences.

A criminal charge can seriously affect your freedoms, financial security, your employment (present and future), and your family. We can help you protect your rights and defeat your criminal charge, especially if we have the opportunity to help you EARLY in the process.  The prosecution is working NOW to convict you, so every day you delay in hiring competent counsel can seriously undermine your chance to win your case.

If you are under investigation or facing a criminal charge, please contact Phillips & Ranney to begin building your defense. Please click on the links below to learn more about various criminal charges and our practice areas:

At Phillips & Ranney, we seek to resolve your case without trial; but if you elect a trial or trial becomes necessary, we have a very high rate of acquittals in those cases we try to a jury, documentation of which is available on request.  At our firm, we investigate aggressively and early the criminal accusation of every client who retains us.  It is our aggressive and timely investigation and timely strategic planning that is the chief basis for the clear pattern of success that we have established in three decades of practicing exclusively criminal law, especially in Williamson and Travis Counties. If you are facing a criminal charge, you should contact us as soon as possible to ensure the best possible results in your case.

For a free consultation with an experienced Georgetown, Texas criminal defense lawyer, contact Phillips & Ranney.

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