Bob Phillips, managing partner in the Robert M. Phillips & Associates law firm of Georgetown, Texas, announced today that the Williamson County Grand Jury had declined to indict his “young, high school athlete client,” in Phillips’ words, “for a false charge of Sexual Assault.”

“We are very grateful that this long ordeal has come to an end for this young man,” whose name Phillips declined to release, “as he was the victim of a vengeful girlfriend, who made up a false rape story, largely because our young 17 year-old client did not return her affections.”
Phillips went on to say that the young woman had made false charges before, and was largely covering for being unfaithful to her own boyfriend when she “cried rape,” as Phillips put it, leading to the criminal arrest and prosecution of the defendant.

“This is not to disparage the genuine victims of sex crimes, which are many,” Phillips said, “but in the #metoo climate in which we now must function as criminal defense lawyers, it is most gratifying that a grand jury was able to see through what were in fact false charges of sexual assault, and keep my young client’s record clean, so that he can pursue his collegiate and vocational ambitions.”

Robert M. Phillips & Associates is a veteran criminal defense firm in Georgetown, practicing primarily in Travis, Williamson, and contiguous counties, and federal court. Phillips is Board Certified in Criminal Law, and has been since 1989 (the first Williamson County criminal defense lawyer to achieve that prestigious status). He has tried more than 250 jury trials and resolved more than 10,000 felony and misdemeanor cases in his career, spanning four decades.

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