Robert M. Phillips & Associates, a Georgetown criminal defense law firm, announced today that Phillips had secured dismissals on eight felony drug charges, all arising from the same criminal episode in Lampasas County.

“Without going into the details of the case, which would not be appropriate, given the client confidentiality concerns that we must protect, we are pleased to have essentially ‘run the table’ for our client, and got all charges dropped,” said Mr. Phillips, the managing partner of the firm.

The individual accused, whom Phillips declined to name, was a female driver, passing through Lampasas County, and arrested for multiple drug charges, allegedly in her possession.
“There were some probable cause issues, some Fourth Amendment issues, and some affirmative link issues,” said Phillips, “which we believe probably led to the prosecutor’s decision to dismiss the cases.”

Phillips went on to say that he was most impressed with the Lampasas County District Attorney’s office.

“These are some of the finest prosecutors we’ve opposed in our 35-year existence as a law firm,” said Phillips, “and we are particularly gratified that when they saw the problems with their case, they did not drag the matter out, but did the right thing and dismissed.”

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