Assault Charges & Domestic Violence in Williamson County, Texas

Williamson County prosecutes assault charges very aggressively and punishments are often severe. Robert M. Phillips & Associates is dedicated to helping you avoid conviction and jail time in these cases.

Charges of assault, domestic violence or domestic abuse can carry severe penalties in Central Texas. The law enforcement and prosecutors in Williamson County, Texas are particularly experienced and thorough in seeking what they believe to be justice in these types of crimes. You can be sure that their focus is on the alleged “victim” and not the defendant/accused.

At Robert M. Phillips & Associates, our SOLE loyalty is to the client, and our only goal is to secure the best possible outcome for the case. Sometimes, that means seeking a jury trial acquittal; other times, based on the facts and circumstances of the case, settlement negotiations and a plea bargain are called for. It is rare for our clients in assault cases to go to jail, and there are a variety of ways to seek outright dismissals and/or probated sentences in these often emotionally charged cases. We defend against charges such as:

    • Simple Assault
    • Aggravated Assault
    • Assault with Bodily Injury (including Family Violence)
    • Threatening Assault or Violence
    • Sexual Assault
    • Breaching of Restraining Orders (Orders of Protection)
    • Kidnapping

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Facing Assault Charges in Texas?

The key to defeating an assault charge is two-fold: first, you must hire a competent, respected, and aggressive criminal lawyer early in the process, before the prosecution has completed their investigations and evaluation of the case. Secondly, you must not make any statement to any person, whether civilian or law enforcement, UNTIL YOU TALK TO AND HIRE YOUR LAWYER. Any statement you make may be used against you in court and will hinder your chances of winning your case.

Assault Charges

Since assault is a violent crime, the prosecution will be taking your offense very seriously. The prosecution in Williamson County and throughout Central Texas is particularly tough on those convicted of violent crimes. This is even more true if there is a weapon involved in the crime, or if the victim of assault is seriously injured. The legal consequences of an assault charge can range from dismissal and expungement to felony prison time. No matter what level of offense you are facing, however, you should hire an attorney immediately: this is especially true if you have ever been convicted of assault previously. Repeat assault charges can result in prison time. You should hire an attorney at once.

Assault/Family Violence Charges

Perhaps treated even more seriously than an assault charge, is an assault/family violence charge, in which the alleged victim is a family member, a spouse, a significant other, or a child of the alleged attacker. Being convicted of domestic violence can seriously affect your rights to visit with your family, as well as your child custody arrangement. Depending on the brutality of the crime, it may be judged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Similar to assault charges, the second charge is an automatic felony. 

Robert M. Phillips & Associates is Determined to Win Your Case

At Robert M. Phillips & Associates, our lawyers will aggressively investigate your case. We will speak with witnesses and collect the appropriate evidence needed to defeat your assault charge. Furthermore, we can request (if appropriate) a statement from your spouse or the accuser to demonstrate that you are a non-violent person.

Our lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience helping clients fight domestic abuse charges and assault charges. We have been extremely successful in defending these cases, either by getting the case dismissed outright or by obtaining short probationary sentences in lieu of jail time. We often recommend our clients to seek counseling, anger management, or couples counseling, when appropriate. This not only helps restore domestic normalcy, but it can also favorably affect the result in your criminal case. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin to build a solid case in your defense. We primarily represent the residents of Georgetown, Williamson County, and other parts of Central Texas.

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