Georgetown Drug Lawyers

If you are facing a drug charge in Williamson County, Robert M. Phillips & Associates can help. Our lawyers have decades of experience defending those accused of drug crimes.

In Texas, drug crimes–from simple possession, to possession with intent to distribute–carry severe penalties upon conviction. Prosecutors in Williamson County, Texas are notorious for seeking jail time on ALL drug offenses, even if it is your first. At Robert M. Phillips & Associates, we represent drug offenders in Williamson County and throughout Central Texas.

Our legal team handles all types of drug charges, including:

  • Drug Possession
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Possession of Cocaine
  • Possession of Narcotics
  • Possession of Paraphernalia
  • Intent to Sell / Intent to Distribute
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Federal and State Drug Charges
  • Prescription Fraud

Facing Drug Charges in Texas? What Should You Do Now?

It is vital that you do NOT speak with law enforcement about your case until you can first speak with a lawyer. Your statements can and will be used against you in court. When law enforcement is preparing to charge or arrest an individual with a drug crime, there are many procedural safeguards they must follow so that the civil liberties of the accused can be protected. It is possible to completely defeat a drug charge if you can prove that law enforcement acted in violation of these procedural safeguards, whether you are guilty or not.

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Unlawful Search and Seizure

If the arresting officers in your case violated the Fourth Amendment (and thus, your civil liberties) by unlawfully searching you or your property, or by unlawfully seizing the alleged contraband, then some evidence may be considered excludable. It is possible to completely exclude all evidence in your case, including any drugs or paraphernalia found in your possession. Often, search and seizure procedural violations can result in the total dismissal of your charge. Throughout our investigations we scour every resource possible to answer important questions, such as:

  • Was your property searched without a warrant?
  • If there was a search warrant, was it valid?
  • If your vehicle was searched following a traffic stop, was the traffic stop lawful?
  • Was your vehicle searched with just reason?
  • Did the authorities go through the proper procedures to search and/or seize your property?

Robert M. Phillips & Associates Will Fight For You

At Robert M. Phillips & Associates, we know how to effectively protect your rights and freedoms. Our veteran lawyers have over 40 years of combined experience assisting the accused in defeating both minor and serious drug charges. We will meticulously investigate the facts of your case so that we can prepare the best possible defense on your behalf. If we find there were violations of your constitutional rights, we will work to expose these facts and get your charges dismissed. However, if a dismissal is not possible, we have established a remarkable record for achieving probationary sentences, keeping our clients out of jail or the penitentiary. Our office is located in Georgetown, Texas; our clients are primarily from Williamson County and other surrounding areas of Central Texas.

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