Criminal Record Sealing, Expunging, & Non-Disclosure Orders

Have a criminal record in Williamson County? We can help seal, expunge or retrieve a non-disclosure court order for your records.

An expungement, non-disclosure order, or a motion to seal criminal records is an important tool utilized to protect the rights of the accused or convicted with regard to non-disclosure of a criminal record. At Robert M. Phillips & Associates, our attorneys are experienced in using a range of tools to help criminal defendants protect their rights, record, and future. If you have criminal charges in Georgetown, Williamson County, or another part of Central Texas, we can help. We will assist you with any of the following criminal record expungement matters:

  • Criminal Record Expungement
  • Sealing of Records
  • Nondisclosure
  • Criminal Record Sealing

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Expungement of Criminal Records

An expungement order will completely remove your arrest record as though it never existed. Your criminal record will not be available to any government agencies or private sector employers or individuals. This solution is available for both misdemeanor and felony charges, if your case results in an acquittal or is dismissed.

An expungement order will protect you if you are interested in higher education or professional programs. By expunging your criminal record, you prevent colleges, universities, future employers, and government agencies from viewing your charge. If you are successful in getting an expungement order, you can legally say that you have never been arrested.

Non-Disclosure Order

If you have been arrested, we can (in certain situations) get the court to order that your record will not be disclosed to future employers. You may be able to get a non-disclosure order if you successfully complete a deferred adjudication probation. Although a non-disclosure order can remove the charge from public viewing, it cannot keep the charge hidden from law enforcement, and certain governmental and licensing agencies.

Sealing of Criminal Records

Dismissed criminal charges can be sealed with the assistance of an experienced attorney. Placing a “seal” on a criminal record prevents the general public from viewing your criminal charges without a court order. Thus, the record is hidden, but not completely destroyed; in certain circumstances, your criminal record may still be reviewed.

Is Your Criminal History Eligible for Expunction?

Expunction of criminal history can vary from place to place. In most cases, however, sex offenses and domestic violence charges are not eligible for expunction. For a more detailed explanation of expunctions, orders of nondisclosure, and sealing of records in the state of Texas, please visit the webpage of the  Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Records Service.

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