Defense Against Murder Charges & Other Violent Crimes

Williamson County is one of the toughest jurisdictions to be charged with murder.

Our lawyers know the prosecution & have 40+ years of experience defeating murder charges & other violent crimes.

A capital offense, such as murder, is any criminal offense which exposes the defendant to a potential death penalty sentence. Examples of capital murder include the murdering of a police office or other law enforcement agent, the murdering of a child, or a murder which happens in the course of committing another felony (e.g. burglary, aggravated assault, robbery, etc.).

Nearly any crime of violence committed in Texas can expose the accused to a lengthy penitentiary sentence – up to life or 99 years. On top of that, Texas courts, particularly in Williamson County, are notorious for giving capital offenders the death penalty and long penitentiary sentence. There has only been one case in the history of Williamson County, Texas in which the District Attorney sought the death penalty and did not get it. If you have committed a capital offense, it is essential that you hire an experienced lawyer to represent you. At Robert M. Phillips & Associates, we represent clients against all types of violent crimes, including:

  • Capital Murder
  • Voluntary Manslaughter
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Forcible Rape
  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Intoxication Manslaughter or Intoxication Assault
  • Aggravated Burglary or Robbery
  • Injury to a Child
  • Injury to an Elderly Person

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Charged for a Violent Crime in Texas? Here is What You Need to Do.

Absolutely do NOT give law enforcement any statement about your case until you seek legal counsel. It is possible to reveal incriminating information about yourself without even realizing it. It is also extremely important to get a lawyer RIGHT AWAY. As a suspect of a violent crime, you are under serious scrutiny by law enforcement; police will be observing you, your words, and your actions with the intent of convicting you for this offense. The sooner you find legal counsel, the better your chances of success will be.

Capital offenses carry a possible death penalty, so you need to be 100 percent confident in who represents you in court. Because Texas is particularly harsh in punishing murder charges and other violent crimes, it is essential that you hire an experienced, well-known, tough and knowledgeable lawyer to represent you.

Robert M. Phillips & Associates Will Relentlessly Defend Your Case

At Robert M. Phillips & Associates, we know the local prosecutors and judges throughout Georgetown, Williamson County and Central Texas. Our veteran lawyers are well known and respected throughout the Texas criminal justice system from years of dedicated defense. If you have been charged with murder or another serious violent crime, Robert M. Phillips & Associates is there to represent your case.

Dedicated Defense
In cases such as these, we employ a skilled and eclectic group of scientific experts, forensic experts, polygraph examiners, and other special counsel to thoroughly examine each area of the investigation. This type of dedication is absolutely necessary to win these cases. In addition, our team of psychologists and psychiatrists (along with other experts) can work to vindicate the innocent, and mitigate your punishment based on the circumstances of your case. Our legal team is aggressive and meticulous in investigating crimes, preparing for trial, and presenting a vigorous defense. We will take ample time to investigate and scrutinize the facts of your case so that we can present the best possible defense.

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