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Located adjacent from Bell County and Williamson County, Milam County is one of the many counties Robert M. Phillips & Associates serves. In 2012, Milam County reported a total of 639 offenses with only 180 clearances. Most times, people are not cleared because they don’t know how to navigate the criminal system. If you depend on one of our defense attorneys, we can assure you that you will explore all the legal options available.

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Contact Robert M. Phillips today and consult your case with an experienced criminal lawyer. At Robert M. Phillips & Associates, we hold many years of experience in all elements of criminal law, such as:

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Our legal team works hard for the people of Central Texas. Robert M. Phillips & Associates is well-respected in Milam County for representing clients and understanding the criminal justice system. Prosecutors are well aware that when a defendant appoints an attorney from Robert M. Phillips & Associates, the defense will be comprehensive and robust. We are more than experienced and prepared to take your case to the Milam County courts and defend you until we have reached an equitable settlement.

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If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Milam County, TX, it is imperative that you immediately seek legal counsel. Our criminal lawyers will work tirelessly to make sure that your defense is impenetrable. If you are just now learning that you are being charged or are only being investigated, you are already being considered a criminal suspect. It is of vital importance that you get in touch with a seasoned attorney now to build a preemptive defense. Contact our law firm today and discuss all of your legal options.

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Milam County, Juvenile Probation: 20th – 82nd Judicial District Juvenile Probation

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