Teenager Cleared of Sexual Assault charge: Complainant Under Investigation for “False Report.”

A 17 year-old Jarrell man has been cleared of Sexual Assault charges, according to a statement released
by his lawyers, Robert M. Phillips and Associates.

“We were notified today by the detective that our client is no longer under investigation and that, in
fact, the police plan to investigate the complainant for a false report. We could not be more pleased at
the vindication of our client, which happened, in part, because of a passed polygraph exam,” said

According to Phillips, his young client was accused of having sex three times with a minor (14 years old),
despite the fact that the girl had solicited the sexual activity online from the defendant.
“It was a bizarre case,” said Phillips. “The facts seemed to indicate that the young woman actually
solicited sex from our client, and offered to provide it in exchange for money, which could be considered

The investigation continues into the possible prosecution of the teenage girl. Meanwhile, Phillips said
his client is “overjoyed” with the result.

“He had no criminal history, and he can now go on with his life, and pursue his ambition to go to college
and make a success of himself,” said Phillips.

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